Cerebral palsy dating service

30-Jul-2017 08:27

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When he grows up, I want someone to take him to prom because they’re dating or friends, not because it’s a kind gesture.I’m sure he’ll be giddy to pick out flowers and bowties, and I can already picture his face lighting up when the DJ plays his favorite song.“However I would say to any other parents in the same situation not to give up hope, you can eventually get the help you and your child needs and things can get better.” In Patrick’s case the birth was delayed meaning he was starved of oxygen.

Mrs Scates said: “Paula has had to cope with two avoidable tragedies involving her children.It was months before doctors admitted there was a problem, telling his mother he was simply a ‘lazy little boy.’ Mrs Mc Kay, 45, a former nurse, of Leyland, Lancashire, said: “It has been a huge struggle.