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As the above implies, the earliest mineral and soda waters were primarily consumed for medicinal purposes, though the perceived utility of soda water gradually evolved away from primarily medicinal to a flavored refreshment by the 1830s and on (Riley 1958).However, the therapeutic benefits of some mineral waters are still claimed today; if in doubt, run a search on the internet on the subject.The 200 year-old flask has the name ‘Selters’ inscribed in its stoneware (left).Selters (right) is a German luxury mineral water brand, still sold today, which gained popularity with Europe’s wealthy during the nineteenth century Produced between 18, the brown bottle is an extremely rare find as most sealed flasks from that period contain either beer or wine.The closure had to be simple for people to use, cheap to produce, and of course be effective in not releasing the contents nor the carbonation until final consumption.This importance is reflected in the fact that the names widely accepted for some of the bottle styles discussed on this page are related to sealing of the bottle - both the finish type (e.g., "blob" soda/mineral water like the two bottles pictured above) or closure method (e.g., "Hutchinson" soda, like pictured to the left).Suffice to say at this date, the distinction between them is often unknown.

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A cylindrical bottle (like to the left) is inherently stronger than other shapes (except a sphere) all things being equal, e.g., similar size, glass thickness and quality (Tooley 1953; Glass Industry 1959).Soda and mineral water (generally just called "soda water" or "soda" here unless a distinction is necessary) was bottled in a relatively diverse array of bottle styles as indicated by the grouping pictured above.