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04-Oct-2017 11:22

Ever since Whitney Houston shut down Diane Sawyer with her infamous “Show me the receipts” line, everyone has been asking for them. First, he begins by saying his preference is not an indictment on Black women but he follows up by implying that White women “don’t cause drama”.So today I’m gonna hand out the receipts on why we ladies sometimes say “Men are trash.” Now is not the time to “Not all men” me or say “You attract what you put out” because the way I’m feeling, your mouth may just attract my fist. Something I’ve learned about these types of Black men is that they often say that Black women are more defensive or combative than White women and that White women are more laid back and “submissive.” What they don’t tell you is that how they interact with Black women and White women is night-and-fucking-day.Christian Singles in New York Christian Singles in Los Angeles Christian Singles in Chicago Christian Singles in Boston Unlike traditional Christian dating sites, e Harmony matches singles based on compatibility.

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Of course what we write isn’t always ready for a peer review and publication. But it’s stupid stuff, like the above profile, that makes me sick.