Dealing with your ex dating your friend

05-Sep-2017 03:54

It seems harsh and sounds way easier than it was when pared down like that, but she’s in a way better place today than she would have been if she kept up with her ex two years later. So, here’s the reality for those of us still trying to figure out how to deal when you have the same friends as your ex: It’s like a custody battle among friends.

You get to go out with your friends Friday night, and your ex gets them Saturday night.

Chances are, they don’t know what to say to you when you’re essentially going off on their friend.

They care about both of you, but your beef with your ex isn’t something they want (or should have) to be in the middle of.

However, if you're like me, you can simply remind your significant other that there was a good reason the two split in the first place, and ask that the conversations and chumminess be kept to a minimum.

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You’ll spend the entire night glancing across the room at your ex, and your mind will start racing with a slew of thoughts and feelings.

We already knew exes can spell trouble for relationships. When dealing with a case of the ex, there are generally two schools of thought.

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