Error updating windows time

23-Nov-2017 16:13

If the clock in BIOS is correct, your battery is working properly and there’s no need to replace it.

If the clock in BIOS isn’t showing the correct time, you should replace your computer battery.

Here we show you the most common problems and how to fix them.

The Anniversary Update for Windows 10 is finally ready for download.

Time and date settings are stored in BIOS, so if your battery is corrupted BIOS won’t be able to properly store the time and date settings thus causing your clock to show incorrect time in Windows 10.

Simplest way to check if your battery is working is to enter BIOS and check the clock from there.

Although there could be some unknown issues during the rollout, remember that the problem is not always the operating system.Replacing your computer battery is rather simple, but you need to make sure to get a battery with same characteristics in order to avoid causing any damage to your computer.

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