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15-Nov-2017 19:07

However, creating SAP takes still three days and it puts a heavy strain on faculty. SAP Chart is a one-page worksheet to show them the overview of the contents and the creation process of SAP and it works as preparation for creating SAP in short time.

The chart has potential to reduce time drastically and lead faculty to reflect on and overview whole academic work.

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In the results, approximately 80% of responders agreed that they could reflect on whole academic work, especially education and relationship between education, research, and service.

"Technology is the campfire around which we tell our stories," says musician and performance artist Laurie Anderson.Below are brief quotes from various authors and resources on portfolios, to help us understand their multiple perspectives and purposes.portfolio is the kind of portfolio I think of when I think of the portfolio as mirror....n expression which describes a person or object in a literary way by referring to something that is considered to possess similar characteristics to the person or object you are trying to describe" (Cambridge Learner's Dictionary)The more common meaning of metaphor is a figure of speech that is used to paint one concept with the attributes normally associated with another...

Metaphors are seen as very powerful tools because they allow for the expression of abstract principles by reference to concretes.

The collection includes evidence of students' self-reflection and their participation in setting the focus, selecting the contents, and judging merit. A portfolio communicates what is learned and why it is important (Paulson, Paulson, & Meyer, 1992). Dreyer (Ed.), Claremont Reading Conference 55th Yearbook 1991: Knowing the power of stories.

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