Intimidating country songs

04-Nov-2017 15:11

“Whenever she would get the front seat, I would just sit in the back and wait my turn.

Whenever I would get in the front seat, she would kick the back of my chair so I couldn’t enjoy my turn in the front seat So what I figured out is that she didn’t like country music and that was the only way I could get back at her." The method worked, but along the way, Young grew to appreciate country music more and more.

I was fortunate enough to play in front of an A&R person for Big Machine named Laurel Kittelson.

She pulled the head of the label, Jimmy Harnen, aside at a Reba Mc Entire event and just said, ‘Hey, Jimmy, I’ve got this guy.

Soft-spoken and kind, he’s got just the right amount of Southern hospitality rooted in his humble upbringing to win over even folks who don’t typically warm to country music.

There was a day when that might have described Young.

So he packed up and moved to Nashville, where opportunities in country music came naturally.

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A turning point came when he heard Tim Mc Graw’s “Don’t Take the Girl,” and Young was inspired and enthralled by the storytelling aspects of the song.

An important moment for everyone with even a passing interest in hip-hop, it’s a milestone DMC himself nearly forgot about.

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