Love hina dating game cheat

16-Oct-2017 11:32

I'll put his/her name after whatever I added that he/she sent me.

10/3/03 Small Update, I have added some information that Jetblue25 e-mailed me. Your in the bath ( 2 HP) and it's also a save point.

Reply: 8/10 Since their are nine photos to collect (sort of like trophies) you'll play the game though a few times but its the same thing over again answering questions to which you already know the best answer for. Yeah this game isn't for everyone their is basically no action in this game, this is a dating sim through and through. I've also added in the Story section of the indepth section what Love Hina consists of meaning how many mangas, dvds, etc. And if you ever wanted to see the Hinatasou's pink phone in 3-D check out the last question in the Character FAQ!

Their are a few points in the game where you walk around Hinata-sou but their really nothing special, it's just overhead view with ugly chibi character sprites. Overall: 4/10 for non-Love Hina fans, 8/10 for Love Hina fans Yeah, the game wasn't what it should have been. Doing nothing but reading text box after text box?! I've done a update in the area of the Japanese dictionary, added two new bios, Kanoko and Tsuruko, added new questions to the character FAQ, and done some basic cleaning up in general. The Japanese dictionary is now using traditional romanji spellings and is in alphabetical order along with abunch of new words added. I've also added the answer to "Where is Kaolla from? Added more Fun Facts to many of the character biographies.

Added winning percentages to Motoko's record, orgainized bios, put a new Fun Fact in Keitaro's Biography (Its in the middle) and I put up THIRTEEN NEW BIOGRAPHIES!!!

1/4/04 This is most likely the FINAL UPDATE so theirs going to be alot of new stuff!

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Currently their are 62 attacks listed and 6 characters' styles. Love Hina Advance by Marvalous Walkthrough and Indepth Guide to Love Hina Version 2.6 By Chicky Hearn (If any Love Hina fansites want to use this FAQ please e-mail me at [email protected] get my permission, if anyone knows of any good sites that are taking submissions I'd be happy if you e-mailed me about them so that I could sent to them, also if anyone wishes to contribute I'd be more than happy to add whatever you got, within reason of course. Start and Continue are strightforward, Photo shows what endings you have gotten and reply lets you use an exsisting game file to restart and watch it as you played it while keeping all your others save spots.

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