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03-Nov-2017 15:24

If you do not see the UI from when you boot into a boot image, the boot image probably does not contain the Windows Deployment Services client (which is basically and supporting files for Windows Deployment Services).One common cause of this is if you created an image of Windows PE by using the Windows AIK instead of using the file from product DVD.One common cause of this is if Internet Group Membership Protocol (IGMP) snooping is not enabled on all devices.IGMP snooping enables your network hardware to forward multicast packets only to those computers that are requesting data.For EFI computers, you cannot configure both 1) a referral server and 2) .n12 like behavior (where the computer does not require a key press).However, referral servers are supported when a key press is required (which is the default when no boot program is specified).To do this, view the output of the following command: WDSUTIL /Get-All Multicast Transmissions /Show: Clients.

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To workaround this issue, use the boot image that is included on the Windows Vista product DVD to deploy the initial release of Windows Vista.

For example, the server will not permit the client to proceed past until a prestaged computer appears in AD DS.