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29-Nov-2017 09:46

“The scale of it was astonishing to me, and more and more kept coming out,” she says.“I thought, ‘If this many have come forward, how many have not?“I had to pause before I commented on Twitter, before I said anything about anything.I had raged against the Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes and Fox News [sexual-harassment allegations] with such a loud voice.“They can’t have a situation where you set up a system that allows an abuser to go forward for lengthy periods of time with no real checks,” she says.“If you have a private settlement agreement [with an accuser] plus a nondisclosure agreement, you have employers that just enable bad actors.” While Milano suggests “there should be no funding for any artists accused of wrongdoing in this manner.” Indeed, the current purge of alleged abusers is something that’s seen as a painful yet ultimately healthy process.You may also be interested in: pinay webcam sex scandal, pinay webcam sex, pinay student sex scandal, pinay arab sex scandal, india webcam sex scandal, pinay mom sex scandal, pinay muslim sex scandal, pinay new sex scandal, pinay sm sex scandal, pinay teen sex scandal 1.

“And the thing that kills me is I said, ‘Ugh, gross’ or ‘What a dick’ or ‘Hollywood sucks’ – never in my mind was ‘We have to do something about this.'” So when the new reports came out …“History usually shows when women come out and talk they’re made to look crazy, unreliable, and attention-seeking, and the big surprise to me was that didn’t happen this time,” notes shaming, at least at first, as one film producer points out: “There was a certain amount of, ‘Why don’t they come forward [sooner]? “I heard a man say that he called his buddies, asking, ‘Are you worried now? “And they’re all saying, ‘I’m shaking in my boots.’” Or as a producer put it: “Woody Allen said, ‘Don’t let this be a witch hunt.’ He’s saying what a lot of men are feeling right now: Hollywood has been called the ultimate fear-driven town, so a combination of empowering victims and threatening abusers with exposure and career implosion is like the primordial ingredients of a sea change.“Everybody [will] become much more sensitive to it,” predicts one male studio head.But there are a couple of reasons insiders feel this moment in Hollywood history is very different.

First, women who went on the record to accuse Weinstein were not dismissed and shamed for breaking their silence but, if anything, were widely praised for their bravery. ’ And the pivot to: ‘What about the women who worked for him? ” Second, by taking down a warhorse like Weinstein, there is a clear signal that nobody is untouchable — and that has some in the industry running scared.

It would be 100 percent if those other women were just thinking about it.” Many times a systemic problem in a major industry can seem too complex or deeply rooted to fix. There are plenty of reasonable prescriptive solutions out there.

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