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19-Sep-2017 05:42

To break the stalemate, Iraqi Kurds surrendered some of their seats on the committee satisfying the demands of Shiite factions.

Iraqi Kurds also helped mediate differences during negotiations over the constitution in October 2005.

For 8 months, they bickered over forming a government.

The impasse was finally broken when Barzani, working with Vice President Joe Biden, brought the parties together in Erbil to hammer out a power-sharing arrangement.

The Erbil Pact of November 2010 assigned leadership positions.

Maliki would be prime minister and Jalal Talabany president.

The explosion shatters the myth that Iraqi Kurdistan can immunize itself from Iraq's violence between Sunnis and Shia.

In addition, Kurdish negotiators surrendered some core concerns.The Kurdistan Region of Iraq has been an island of peace and stability surrounded by sectarian strife and civil wars.Until last week when several suicide bombers struck Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, decimating the Interior Ministry, killing 6 people, wounding scores, and sparking gunfights in the streets of this serene city.To date, however, there has been no referendum on Kirkuk.

Nor is there a hydrocarbons law defining ownership and transport arrangements of oil and gas between Baghdad and Erbil.Instead of requiring that Kirkuk become a part of Iraqi Kurdistan, they agreed to Article 140 of the constitution requiring a referendum on Kirkuk's status within 2 years.