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A prominent feature of the landscape since 1200 BC, the 20 feet (6.1 m)-high tumulus yielded, among other treasures, the Hove amber cup.

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The Brighton General Gas Light Company was formed in 1825.

Later, other brickfields were established further west, remaining until displaced by housing development.

In the years following the Coronation of 1821 the Brunswick estate of large Regency houses boasting a theatre, riding schools and their own police was developed on the seafront near the boundary with Brighton.

However, The Ship Inn had been built at the seaward end of the street in around 1702.

In 1724, Daniel Defoe wrote in reference to the south coast, 'I do not find they have any foreign commerce, except it be what we call smuggling and roguing; which I may say, is the reigning commerce of all this part of the English coast, from the mouth of the Thames to the Land's End in Cornwall." The dwellings were still clustered on either side of Hove Street, surrounded by an otherwise empty landscape of open farmland.

Being situated in Hove it avoided the duty of £1 per 8 tons levied on coal by the Brighton Town Act of 1773.