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Even their DVD with assembly instructions tell you that you may have to bend things to fit. It also would not throw a clay at an angle of greater than about 20 degrees up from flat.

I made a replica of their loader in my shop and figured out that I had to re-grind the sides of the openings, move the shutter and the brush-like clay holder. The manufacture is VERY crude and I needed to get a replacement electrical system (but company sent it right away).

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I'm probally gonna get some flak and get flammed for this one, but my remington 887, it's accurate, handles good, does well in the wet, hasn't failed me yet, the best part is......everyone hates them and won't buy them, so when it comes to replace it or get a second, I will be able to score one cheap!

i shot 600 shells on day without cleaning it and it was just as smooth as the day i took it out of the box.

it is much easier to disassembe the clean than the 870 and the coating on the barrel and receiver makes it a breeze to clean.

The Nova will shuck shells (All Sizes) with the best of the older 12's, 37's and Wingmaster 870's.

I've owned pretty much all the more reliable pump models through the years and the Nova is tough to beat for a waterfowl shotgun.i havent had a single issue with this gun in the 2 years i have been hunting with it.