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" (Lust 5) Take the photo (Lust 1) (Been Nude 1) Show her the photo (Inf 3) Speak to her Do something else GO BACK INDOORS WALK TO LOUNGE WALK TO DOORWAY LEAVE APARTMENT "How about the park? Might be useful." Grab the whisky and go to the park (Time 1) DECIDE WHAT TO DO "Let`s hang by the lake." Kiss her (Inf 2) (Lust 3) Finish kissing Follow her to the play area Decide what to do "Let`s play a drinking game." Pass her the bottle "Sounds fun." Drink "I dare you to slide down the slide." (Inf 3) Watch her slide Watch Do the dare Finish swinging "I dare you to surf the see saw." (Inf 1) Walk over to the see saw Watch Watch Do the dare Finish the dare [There are two dares you can choose here.

Skinny dipping is worth more points, but running home naked gets Jennifer naked in your apartment which is what this walkthrough is going to assume.] (skinny dip) "I dare you to skinny dip in the lake!

The game was very enjoyable, challenging at first, but after a few hours, and slow progression, (and the help of comments) I was finally able to get the scene, the only thing that made it feel a bit weird was the voice over, sometimes it just didn`t feel right.

I`m new to this whole thing right now however I do like the graphic and the animation it all seem so real like which is great but I`ll keep trying to get use to how it all work and perhaps I might need help from time to time if that okay.

Get ready to go to your favorite night club for some new hot action! This is the perfect chance for you to arrange new adult sex games in her place tomorrow!

But not only Catherine will be waiting for you tomorrow, her best friend Elena is also invited for this great fetish party…

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The woman is hot and its worth all the time you lost when you find youreself starting the game cause you dont know what to do and everything is refuse by her except call the night or sleep. I really like this game, it was the first one I played.The bikini is worth more points now, but the robe opens up a short additional scene later.] (bikini) Pick the bikini (Inf 5) "Maybe you should try it on." (requires Inf 49) Wait for her to change clothes (Inf 3) "Wow. Let`s buy it." (Lust 2) (robe) Pick the robe (Inf 5) "Maybe you should try it on." "Damn, that makes you look sexy.Let`s buy it." (Inf 1; Lust 1) Pay for the outfit "Let`s just go back to my apartment." ENTER APARTMENT (requires Inf 44) [go to Apartment 2] Apartment 2 Go to the lounge SIT "Let`s just relax" "Let`s just talk" "Are you a morning or a night person?Awesome sex scene(s) at the end, just wish you could choose where to cum - not just in her face. Btw Halestorm is one of my favorite bands and definitely fits well with this game. Since you know nothing about the girl and there are no clues, you end up guessing which is the right path.

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Which means repeated plays just to find out what she likes. The best part of this game is definitely the voice acting and outstanding animations, if it`s not motion capture it looks as good, unfortunately this quality wasn`t always transported to some of the sex scenes." (Inf 1; Lust 2) Finish talking STAND WALK TO DOORWAY WALK TO KITCHEN DRINK [Did you go to the mall or downtown?

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