Who is nate archibald dating in gossip girl

26-Jan-2018 20:39

fan had a huge crush on at least one of the leading men of the series.Did you love Nate’s dreamy eyes and the way his hair draped across his face?At the White party, Dan and Serena resume their old issues as Serena is forced to keep Nate's affair secret, thereby resuming her lying to Dan and Dan faces the problem of dating multiple women at once.The two eventually reconcile as Dan returns to his writing and he and Serena watch the fireworks from a distance on a beach.During the White party, James tries to confess something to Blair but finds Blair still enamored of Chuck and dismisses her.Blair turns to James to apologize and he confesses that he is of English nobility and reveals his real name to be Marcus Beaton.Serena's plan eventually works for Nate as Catherine becomes jealous and the two sleep with each other during the party.Chuck is seen spending his summer with other women and prepares to impress Blair by meeting her at the bus stop of the Hamptons jitney, fresh from her travels.

Jenny's summer internship under Eleanor Waldorf grows more difficult as Laurel (Michelle Hurd), her supervisor, subjects her to unreasonable amount of work.

(they were, don’t try and deny it), Nate Archibald was definitely the best catch of the whole series. Yes, this goes along with his desire to be more than his name, but it was more than that.